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OPINION: Trying to get along with other cultures

March 30, 2011, 4:20 p.m.

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My husband (Lee) and I are senior citizens, living in South Central. The most difficult adjustment for us is that for years we lived in nice neighborhoods.

Now, because of hard times, we have had to adjust to a completely different lifestyle. We are quiet people, considerate of our neighbors.

Lee is battling prostate cancer, but still exercises on the treadmill, goes to church and is a self-taught artist. Painting (in watercolor) has been his salvation.

For me, it's reading good books, going for walks (in other neighborhoods) and being online. I'm struggling with an auto-immune disease (Sarcoidosis).

So, it's a challenge sometimes, living this way. We have neighbors who throw loud parties in their backyards, well into the night; who set off firecrackers (not just on holidays) and who fight with each other. We've called the police several times. Sometimes they come, sometimes not. There have been shootings and there's a 'drug-recovery' house just a few doors down.

In other words, we're bombarded by nearly constant noise and disturbances. It's really tough. We can't go for walks most of the time, 'cause it's dangerous and the area is dirty. Our hope is that someday we'll be able to move. But it's not a realistic dream. We're on a fixed income.

Still, thinking about the possibility helps us get through the tough times. (I've attached a video of Lee singing while he paints.)

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