Where's the Wi-Fi in South L.A.?

Feb. 10, 2012, 2:12 p.m.

Free Wi-Fi can be hard to find in South Los Angeles, so OnCentral mapped out the hotspots for you.

In an age as electronic as ours, the Internet is unrivaled when it comes to channels of communication, business and entertainment. That's why we've mapped out South L.A.'s free Wi-Fi hotspots for you.

The south side isn't like other parts of the city, where you can't walk a few steps without entering another Wi-Fi zone -- and that's even more true when it comes to free, open connections. On the map below, you'll find places within OnCentral's area of coverage that have Wi-Fi connections for the taking. Most of the locations are McDonald's, but there are a few coffeeshops for you, too. Oftentimes the Internet intended for customers, and for the connections we've included that are password-protected, it's usually as simple as asking an employee for the password.

It's our firm belief that a solid Wi-Fi connection is worth the price of a cup of coffee -- we're just not sure whether we can say the same for a 10-piece McNugget meal.

View Wi-Fi in South Los Angeles in a larger map

Did we miss any Wi-Fi hotspots on our list? Was one of the locations on our map an awful connection? Let us know in the comments!

Photo by Dan Barbus via Flickr Creative Commons.

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