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City officials commend South LA theater for 15 years of service

Jan. 15, 2013, 10:16 a.m.

The 24th Street Theater received a commendation from L.A. City officials.

City officials have awarded one South L.A. theater a commendation for its 15 years of service as well as its multitude of community arts programs and work with local schools.

The 24th Street Theatre began in 1997 in a historic carriage house off Hoover Street. According to the theater's website, the founders intentions were solely to use the location as a playhouse -- but that concept quickly changed when they began forming relationships with the surrounding community and discovered it was "a neighborhood that deserved…demanded so much more than we had planned to give."

So the theater began doing more -- working with local schools, hosting workshops and putting on Spanish-language productions to cater to the large, Spanish-speaking contingent of the community. After years of developing arts and education programming, the City of LA recognized the theater for all of its contributions.

“24th Street is a first class arts organization dedicated to providing a public benefit through their award-winning outreach programs, free community events, gallery exhibits and teacher training programs,” said area Councilwoman Jan Perry during a ceremony at City Hall last week.

At this same event, city officials gave the theater's artistic director Debbie Devine, and its executive director Jay McAdams, an award award recognizing 24th Street as "one of L.A.’s premier arts organizations."

According to a statement, Perry praised the theater for its free after-school programs and educational workshops that instruct educators on how to incorporate arts into the classroom. She also thanked the organization for its service to "tens of thousands" of L.A. students who get to participate in the Enter Stage Right field trips -- a visit to the theater which includes an interactive video hosted by actor Jack Black.

The next play scheduled for the 24th St. Theatre is "Walking the Tightrope" that begins January 26. The show is rate "G" and is described as a "magical play, full of moments of remembered childhood, celebrates the special bond shared by grandparents and grandchildren."

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